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Nov 3, 2018

In today’s show I’m joined once again by Paul Ryan, Founder of, to discuss prescribing in the setting of fluid depletion.

Paul is a dual-trained pharmacist and GP, and runs regular education courses in therapeutics for healthcare professionals including GPs and pharmacists, including an upcoming study day reviewing 12 conditions commonly encountered in GP practice, and incorporating the latest Irish guidelines, in Dublin on Thursday 14th November at The Clayton Hotel in Liffey Valley. Tickets are available here:

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00:02:01 Intro

00:03:54 ACE Inhibitors

00:06:15 Nitrofurantoin

00:07:36 Metformin

00:09:45 Options in T2DM and impaired GFR

00:12:06 NSAIDs

00:18:06 Role of PPIs with NSAIDs


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